Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being thankful for government communicators

Fellow communicators,

On Thanksgiving Day, I had a chance to reflect on my 33 years in government communications. It never fails to astound me just how broadly impactful our profession is to society.

All across the nation, and around the world, there are government communicators tirelessly working throughout the year to provide important information to the public. Webmasters ensuring that government websites are functioning to accept service applications from citizens. Speechwriters crafting the all-important words a public official needs to address a crisis. Graphic artists creating signage and promotional campaigns for safety initiatives. Media relations officers helping news reporters understand technical or complex issues and facilitating access to subject matter experts. Social media managers monitoring Twitter during a disaster and helping to direct emergency services to the areas that need them most. And I'm just scratching the surface.

There really is not an aspect of society that does not bear the mark of a government communicator. At all levels – federal, state, provincial, municipal, local, tribal – communication professionals are the shining light of government service.

Although too often unnoticed or unrecognized, what you do is vital and tremendously appreciated. So, on behalf of a grateful population, my fellow board members and I at the National Association of Government Communicators express our gratitude for your service and commitment

Revel in this day of thanks, and may you find much to be grateful for in your life.
John Verrico
National Association of Government Communicators
Good Communication … Good Government


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Virginia Bueno said...

Well said John. You hit on the mark.