Saturday, October 11, 2014

Congratulations to latest DINFOS PAQC graduates

Posted by John Verrico, NAGC President

I had the distinct pleasure to attend the graduation ceremony yesterday at the Defense Information School for the latest iteration of the Public Affairs Qualification Course, class 050-14. Those of you who have experienced DINFOS training know that it is the best of the best for public affairs, journalism, broadcasting, and related fields. Yesterday, 58 students from all branches of the military service and federal government agencies -- including three international students... from Nepal, Estonia, and Pakistan -- were recognized for their completion of the intensive program. In just 10 short weeks, they covered public affairs theory and doctrine, community relations, internal information, media relations, multimedia, communication skills, and public affairs operations, all culminating in a capstone operational exercise. It is described as a public affairs associates degree in 10-weeks.

By the way, DINFOS is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and this month's American Legion magazine features an article on its history and students.

For this retired Navy Master Chief Journalist, it was great being back on the DIINFOS campus again, especially running into some old friends that I knew from my Navy days. But the real highlight for me was witnessing the graduation of my friend, mentee and fellow NAGC member Tamara Blount -- one of the first three Department of Homeland Security civilians to be admitted to DINFOS.
Congratulations to Tamara and all of her classmates

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