Thursday, August 1, 2013

Courageous Followership Research


Fellow National Association of Government Communicators member Jane CaultonHead
reached out to our president, Glen Thomas, for help with a research project supporting her Ph.D. studies in Organizational Leadership at Regent University.  With his approval and support, she is now asking for our help with her research exploring the culture of courageous followers as postulated by Ira Chaleff (2009).

Chaleff described courageous follower behavior as assuming responsibility, serving the organization and its leadership, challenging unjust and/or errant decisions, and participating in meeting organizational goals and objectives. If such behavior is regularly practiced by the staff of an organization, then the organization’s culture can be considered one of courageous culture. 

Jane’s research considers whether a culture of courageous followership exists. More generally, she is investigating whether people see their peers on average stepping up to the plate by assuming responsibility, voluntarily serving their organizations, challenging unjust or inaccurate leadership decisions, and participating in making change, or is it only a couple of people on average who show such behavior?

Her project is multilevel. The first step is to develop the survey, which will be a tool to help those surveyed identify the behaviors. The second step will be to use the validated tool to conduct a survey of an organization. If the research question of a culture of courageous followership proves positive, then the research advances to what are the advantages of such a culture. 

This is step one where she needs our help to validate the tool she has developed to gauge courageous followership culture in an organization. To do so, please access the link below to take a complete a short questionnaire.

It will take less than 10 minutes and your input is needed by Tuesday, August 6, 2013.  At the end of the survey, hit the submit button and that’s it. 

Jane will share the report of the results with Glen for NAGC.  

Your help is greatly appreciated and will help to add the understanding of how people who operate organizations function.

Chris O’Neil
NAGC Communications Director