Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NAGC Names Fillichio Communicator of the Year

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Media Contact:  Dawn Shiley
NAGC Communications Manager

March 26, 2013 (Falls Church, Va.) – The National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) has selected Carl A. Fillichio, Senior Advisor for Communications and Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor, as its 2013 Communicator of the Year. The award will be presented at the 2013 NAGC Communications School, April 17-19, 2013, at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, Arlington, Va.

Fillichio was selected for the award by a NAGC panel of judges for his unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of the department’s sensitive economic data; making the data available and accessible to the media in a secure and embargoed environment; and ensuring a level playing field in the transmission of market-moving data to the public.  He did so by leading a more than two-year, painstaking review and transformation of the Labor Department’s media “lock-up” policies and procedures.  Lock-ups allow credentialed news organizations to prepare informed summaries and analysis of economic data for transmission to the public as soon as embargo periods conclude.  His biggest challenge was to balance the conflicting issues of security responsibilities, the critical role the press plays in disseminating information to the public, and rapid technological change.

According to Fillichio, “a few years ago, a few seconds here or there would not have had much of an impact. Today, fractions of a second can equate to millions or even billions of dollars in market movements.”

In the end, Fillichio achieved compromise among all parties, and successfully implemented his plan. The changes he advocated and carried out have made the U.S. Department of Labor the leader throughout the federal government in protecting embargoed data from premature release and maintaining a level playing field among the press corps and on behalf of the public.

“NAGC is proud to honor the U.S. Department of Labor's Carl Fillichio as its Communicator of the Year,” said NAGC President Glen Thomas. “Among his many accomplishments was establishing groundbreaking new policies and procedures for releasing sensitive economic data to the public. Fillichio successfully navigated a number of challenges throughout this process, and established himself as an industry leader in government communications.”

The NAGC Communicator of the Year Award is given annually to a government communicator who has helped instill public trust by effectively presenting accurate, timely and meaningful information, sometimes under exceptional circumstances.

The National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) is a national not-for-profit professional network of federal, state and local government employees who disseminate information within and outside government. Its members are editors, writers, graphic artists, video professionals, broadcasters, photographers, information specialists and agency spokespersons.

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