Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hal Holbrook receives NAGC's Lifetime Achievement Award

Hal Holbrook receives NAGC's lifetime achievement award.
Marisa Ellison (left), Hal Holbrook (right)
After selecting the theme "Government Communicators: Telling America's Stories" for the 2012 Communications school, the 2011 NAGC Board of Directors wanted to include people who could tell stories as part of the after-hour programs. Peter Tork (the Monkees), Mike Foreman (an astronaut), and America's "Greatest" Storyteller, Mark Twain were selected. A  Lifetime Achievement Award for Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain and as the Greatest American Storyteller was created. Although Holbrook was not present at the 2012 Communications School, Marisa Ellison, Competitions Director for the NAGC, presented the award to him.

Hal Holbrook's performance, "Mark Twain as Himself" was done in Twain's boyhood home of Hannibal, Missouri! The two hour display of experience and talent took the audience of about 400 back nearly a century at a time when Congress was solely inhabited by men."Twain" spoke several times about the insanity of democrats and republicans alike, and enjoyed sharing his thoughts about government in general throughout the performance.

Immediately following the performance, the Museum Curator had planned a very small reception where a select few had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Holbrook. Here Marisa presented Mr. Holbrook as Mark Twain the Lifetime Achievement Award for American Storytelling as presented by the NAGC.  Marisa reflected on her evening with Halbrook:
"First, I introduced myself and explained I was with the National Association of Government Communicators. He immediately got a gleam in his eye. Never missing an opportunity to share an opinion about government with an audience, Mr. Holbrook turned to the small crowd, smiled, and said, 'Isn't this interesting.' The crowd laughed. Mr. Holbrook was very gracious and appreciative of the award and asked that I forward a picture with detailed information about NAGC to his assistance, Joyce. We talked about the conference we had in June, and he apologized he was not able to attend as he was filming Promiseland, which is due out anytime."
What a grand experience! Congrats again to Mr. Holbrook as Mark Twain for receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for American Storytelling!


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