Thursday, August 14, 2008

Journalism: Could it be People Want a Better Product?

The media, particularly newspapers, is obsessed about what is going to happen to its industry. In a time of changing news consumption habits, a rocky economy and greater online consumer choices, the response by media companies generally has been to cut staff, reduce the product and whine about their woes.

What if someone tried to be radically different, such as increasing the number of reporters to cover news, offer an improved product and learn to adapt to the changing marketplace? Bean counters will tell us that it doesn’t make economic sense to do that. And they are always correct in their analysis, right?

This headline about CNN actually daring to increase its staff covering the news brought a glimmer of hope to our theory. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it works and other news organizations will follow (since we believe America is stronger with a viable press).

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