Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cool New Tool: Photosynth

If your agency takes photos, then you need to get familiar with Photosynth, a new product just launched by Microsoft. A great demonstration of the software's capabilities is provided here, courtesy of TED.

Essentially, the software allows for unique and interactive displays of photographs. Let's use a photo of a state Capitol as an example. Rather than just showing a flat image of the Capitol, Photosynth takes dozens of photographs shot of the same building -- but each from a different angle and level of detail -- and allows the viewer to experience the view from each of these perspectives and, one would hope, a higher level of appreciation for the building's beauty and details.

A good example is this one of the front of the Taj Mahal. What I like about this is that I can actually "stand" in front of the structure, turn and look back at the walkway leading up to the famous building. And, if you see the "halo" and hold your "control" key while clicking on it, you get a crude, but pretty cool 3-D effect.

Right now, you can take photos of objects and post them to the Photosynth site. All submissions become public property as Microsoft launches this public phase of the project.

We hope to submit something soon. If you submit a project, let us know so we can publicize it.

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