Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Learning About Technology in Algiers

A group with state legislative ties is in Algeria this week, charged with sharing information on media relations and how to use technology to communicate with citizens. While this type of outreach is not necessarily newsworthy, the information they are sharing with the world in a blog they created for the trip has some great insights for goverment communicators.

For example, are you familiar with and USTREAM.TV? Ric Cantrell, Chief Deputy of the Utah State Senate, set up a live stream on from Algiers using "a cheap video camera, my laptop computer and an Internet connection." They've set up an Algiers YouTube channel as well, used translation software and are still keeping up with work back in the states.

It's an impressive display of what creativity and an understanding of technology's capabilities can do for government communicators. Check it out and leave your comments.


Wendy Madsen said...
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Wendy Madsen said...

It's about 1:00 a.m. in Algiers and I am still amped up from our last day of training with the Algerian Parliament and their staff. We created the blog to demonstrate that we can "walk the talk" in our training. Mr. Ric Cantrell, Chief Deputy of the Utah Senate, has done an incredible job of demonstrating Web 2.0 technologies on this site. Join us in the experiment.

Ric Cantrell said...

Hey - thanks for the mention. Wendy is being modest. She was the one who first suggested building a blog site and her Communications Planning workshop was one of the best presentations of the entire week. the Algerian MPs (Members of Parliament) and legislative staff are an impressive bunch. I'm watching to see some great things emerge from that part of the world.

Outsourcing Your IT Dept said...
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