Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Best Practices: White House E-newsletter

More government communication offices are using tools to give the public a broader view of activities than the public can get through the media. Even the White House has a need to get other messages out.

The White House allows the public to subscribe to a weekly newsletter that gives readers more details on the president's busy schedule, as well as link to press briefings, statements from the president, the weekly radio address and even personnel announcements. Oddly, the weekly issues do not appear to be available online. Here is a link to a sample from the White House Web site.

Are there other government agency newsletters that you like and believe could inspire other government communicators? Send us an email at or leave a comment below.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea this existed! Thanks to NAGC for being on top of what's happening in government communication. I'll be sure to pass it along to other communicators in my agency. Being in "the know" is a good thing!